Tennessee State Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

How can sexual harassment training in the workplace protect my company from liability in Tennessee?

Tennessee Sexual Harassment Training Requirements: While Tennessee does not have any specific legal requirement for sexual harassment training for non-governement workers, it is required for all state employees. Sexual harassment training in the workplace is highly recommended for private employers as well. Workplace sexual harassment training can help an employer avoid costly lawsuits and reduce liability to the employer. State employers are required by the Tennessee State Employees’ Sexual Harassment Training Law to provide sexual harassment training to all state workers. This requires the Tennessee Human Resources department to plan prepair proper documentation, create an orientation program and conduct sexual harassment training workshops. See Tenn. Code § 4-3-1703.

Read more about workplace sexual harassment and descrimination at Tennessee's Human Rights Web Page.   

The EEOC is the federal governing body that describes and enforces sexual harassment and discrimination laws. Read more at (EEOC Harassment). According to the EEOC sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, (ADA).

There are a number of steps the EEOC recommends that employers take to reduce their chances of liability for sexual harassment claims.

  1. Implementing a strong and well understood sexual harassment policy.
  2. Providing a robust sexual harassment training program for training employees and supervisors.
  3. Establishing an effective complaint and grievance process, within which the employees do not have to fear retaliation.
  4. An employer should act Immediately to investigate any complaint or grievance.
  5. The employer should take immediate steps such as disciplinary action to stop harassment.
  6. Employees should be encouraged to confront the harasser directly and inform them that the conduct is inappropriate as well as informing management and Human Resources.

Sexual Harassment Training Tip: Prevention is the BEST tool.

By ensuring that employees understand and are well trained in workplace sexual harassment policies, employers can greatly reduce their chances of being liable for monetary damages in sexual harassment cases.

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