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Communication Training: Online or Face-to-Face

Whether you want to master the ins and outs of interpersonal communication, artful persuasion techniques, corporate politics, facilitating meetings or create a polished presentation style with confidence, EHT offers effective workshops to meet the most common workplace challenges. Workplace Communication is a must for anyone who deals with people. This is especially true for managers or supervisors as they deal with additional workplace responsibilities and duties in improving employee performance, teamwork, morale, and performance. If a recently promoted or experienced manager wants to remain on the top of his/her game, then it is crucial to master written communication and both verbal and nonverbal skills.

The definition of "management 101", is to get things done by other people. If you cannot accurately communicate what needs to be done, it does not get done! In addition, even if you can accurately communicate directives, you may do so in such a way that it causes hard feelings, or aggravates your co-workers. In either case, the job may not get done at all, may not get done on time, may not get done correctly, or subtly sabotaged.

Everyone needs to develop crucial skills to become an effective communicator.Using real-life examples, and role-playing, participants will learn practical, easy-to-use techniques, to improve their current abilities to write effective emails and reports, make quality presentations, improve key telephone skills, interpret body language and learn critical listening skills. In addition, attendees will identify barriers to effective communication, learn and understand the value of Diversity, Harassment & Team-Building issues, which are generally interrelated.

EHT Will: Work with your team to put together the right program for your employees.

  • Develop nuts and bolts techniques to increase your ability as a leader & manager
  • You will learn how to define an issue when confronted with conflict, think on your feet, control uncomfortable situations, persuade and sell others on your ideas.
  • Develop and practice the Art of Listening, a crucial ingredient in all successful communication. Most business employees simply have not created the self-discipline to listen. Seek first to understand others and then to be understood.
  • Develop influence using proven strategies for delivering presentations with confidence and clarity, get your ideas across.
  • Master nonverbal communication skills and how to decode others body language.
  • Practice communication techniques for dealing with difficult people.

MBTI results help individuals discover how members of their team prefer to work and with whom they collaborate most effectively and efficiently. MBTI is helpful for managers and leaders managing a team by understanding which personality types don't clash, which strengths and weaknesses complement one another, how coworkers approach work, and how individuals take in and process information.

Forbes (2015) goes on to describe how organizations use MBTI assessments to build stronger, more productive and successful employees:

  • Assembling teams
  • Facilitating communication:
  • Motivating employees
  • Less conflict, greater efficiency
  • Leadership development and
  • Leading Well

“About 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on these types of tests to build stronger, more effective teams and healthier organizations.” Forbes 2015


DiSC is a leading workplace personality assessment, validated by more than 40 million people. Designed to help leaders to develop influence and inspire collaboration, facilitates team members to develop authentic, satisfying and productive connections. DiSC is easy to use and creates an on-going language of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.

The DiSC assessment doesn't measure intelligence or aptitude, rather it offers insight into looks at indicators like how you respond to challenges and how well you work with others. You can use the DiSC assessment as a personal assessment, and workplaces can use it to improve team performance.

The goal of the assessment is to determine which behavioral traits motivate employees so workplace communication styles can match the motivating factors, for a best fit.

If you’re on the fence, here are some of the biggest benefits of taking the DiSC assessment:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • Ability to understand other people and adapt your approach to their behavior
  • Learn how to work together more productively
  • Become more effective leaders and managers
  • Use styles to develop stronger sales skills and client relations
  • Get more satisfaction out of your workplace relationships

These benefits:

  • Help develop your people reading skills.
  • Provide immediate and actionable strategies to influence and foster employee engagement.
  • Amplify your leadership competencies.

Understand how you respond to differences and conflict, what motivates you and keeps you motivated, and approach challenges.

  • Develop more effective conflict resolution strategies
    • By understanding your personality type, you can learn how to adapt to other people better and resolve conflicts in more effective ways.
  • Improve your performance: Many employees report they have become more respected and effective leaders, developed stronger sales skills, and respond more effectively to customers.
  • Hone your communication skills: You can use your DiSC profile to understand how to communicate with others and limit misunderstandings.
  • Improve your team's productivity and morale.
  • Communicate more effectively with others and improve your decision-making skills

Customize Your Training Program Using Proven Workplace Style Assessments.

The Profiles Performance Indicator™ (PPI) is helpful in motivating and coaching employees, in resolving workplace conflict and effectively managing employee performance issues.

PPI provides valuable insight into how individuals are motivated and best managed to operate at peak performance. PPI also provides strategic and effective recommendations for improving employee performance. Specifically see improvement

  • Responding to job-related stress, frustration, and conflict
  • Boosting employee motivation and fostering employee engagement
  • Conduct meaningful and effective performance reviews
  • Determine which employees are internally motivated, or respond better to external motivators.

Many other workplace assessments are available.

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