• Defining Sexual Harassment
  • What is sexual harassment ?
  • Who can commit sexual harassment?
  • Who can experience sexual harassment?
  • How can sexual harassment occur?
  • Specific forms of sexual harassment
  • When is an employer liable?
  • Is this sexual Harassment?
  • A sexual harassment policy
  • General Guiding Principles
  • Follow the facts
  • Summary
  • Specifics for supervisors
  • Liability
  • How to handle harassment complaints
  • Specifics for managers
  • Are there specific mandated requirements for course content?
  • Training methods must include certain questions that assess learning, skill-building activities to demonstrate understanding, as well as roll playing activities with common sense solutions.

  • Definitions of unlawful sexual harassment under state and federal law.
  • Specific state and federal statutory and case law principles about the prohibition against and prevention of sexual harassment, and retaliation in employment.
  • The types of unwelcome conduct that constitute sexual harassment.
  • Specific remedies for Sexual Harassment situations prevention strategies.
  • Factual scenarios taken from case law, based on workplace situations and other sources which illustrate sexual harassment. Role playing, case studies and lively group discussions are all suggested, with a through knowledge of retaliation.
  • The limited confidentiality of filling a harassment complaint.
  • Understanding the organization's chain of command, HR resources, & other factors allowing employees to properly report alleged sexual harassment situations.
  • The company's obligation to conduct an effective workplace investigation of any harassment complaint.
  • Managers & Supervisors must be given a copy of the organizations’ anti-harassment policy, read & acknowledge receipt of this policy.
  • Pre & Post Testing: Details exact level of learning, before and after training..... (Spanish, Chinese, English) All results are given to HR for employee's records
  • Reproducible Handouts: Extensively explaining specific state Harassment/Bullying/Gender laws, and Federal Harassment statues. Not your generic boilerplate handouts. Real issues, which describe Harassment in simple, straightforward terms. Spanish/English.

    Interactive Lecture & Video Role-Playing: Creating industry specific examples, increases comprehension, & practical knowledge of both harassment & bullying issues. This is a crucial training tool for both management professionals, & hrly. employees.

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