Diversity and Team Training

Diversity Training & Team Building

This EHT succinct, but very interactive training seminar will assist your team in exploring diversity, inclusion, and social justice in our multi-racial society. The crucial areas of understanding relating to differences are defined, i.e., how they are experienced, and how they impact businesses, relationships, communities, and our great society in general. Mindfulness and self-introspection towards each other, will be front & center. This approach will include the role minorities play in eliminating past negative behavior, while increasing our understanding of different cultures & values. It is our goal to open up the tool box to help create skills to build an open, mutually respected environment, while building on company values and enhanced company profits. Emphasis on race, ethnicity, immigrant status, religion, sex and gender, sexual orientation, disability, age and socioeconomic status, all play roles.

The role of bias – why we have biases, why we are motivated to keep them, and the impact of bias in the workforce, personal relationships & productivity. The good news is that bias can be mitigated with awareness, motivation, with your EHT seminar leader exploring evidence-based strategies to reduce the impact of bias on overall decision-making. Participants will be able to participate in a small group discussion during this workshop. A crucial learning tool for exchanging ideas & bias related examples. A round table discussion will serve as a key factor in the learning process.

Diversity Topics include but are not limited to

  • Personalities Styles
  • Individual aptitudes
  • Workplace styles
  • Cultural experiences
  • Race, Ethnicity
  • Gender / Gender Identity
  • Age
  • Socio Economic
  • Social Status
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Tolerance, Compassion and Acceptance
  • Personal Values

Training: Understanding Gender Identity, Equity and Diversity in the Workplace

Today's workplace has vastly changed over the last 20 years. The importance of equity, respect and creating a productive workplace culture includes both understanding and accepting our gender preferences and differences. Equity in the workplace allows all employees to perform based on their own merit without stereotypes and labels.

EHT’s diversity trainers are highly skilled in developing interactive training programs that meet employees where they are at and bringing employees to a new understanding of what an inclusive workplace consists of.

Our EHT trainers build a foundation of knowledge of gender/gender expression to demonstrate the value of acceptance for all employees to come to work in a safe and peaceful working environment. This in turn, maximizes productivity and reduces turnover and potential lawsuits.

EHT diversity trainers are comprised of educated individuals who are knowledgeable or can personally relate to transgender, cisgenger, non-binary and other gender identities.

Topics Include:

  • Importance of Equity in the workplace (not equality)
  • Information regarding the various terminology- Sex VS Gender
    • Gender Expression, Gender Identity, Gender Orientation
  • Inclusive Communication Strategies
  • Best Practices in Workplace pronouns and effective expression
    • Email, video conferencing, interpersonally.
  • How to manage communication mistakes gracefully.

Add ons to your diversity training: Personality Assessments

Customize Your Training Using Workplace Diversity, Personality and Workplace Style Assessments


Done properly, personality assessmenst in hiring may reduce discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and otherdiscriminating factors.

Hiring Benefits:

  1. Fulfill Job Necessities
  2. Personality assessments are scientifically proven that past behavior is a predictor of future behavior to help identify candidates' potential as top performers and their fit within the corporate culture.
  3. Some Jobs require someone who is detail-oriented or analytical said Charlotte Kackley, HR Manager at Merchant Maverick.These assessments help observe which strengths a candidate possesses.
  4. Personality assessments like DiSC and Myers Briggs give insight into leadership abilities, conflict management styles, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Post Hire Benefits:

  1. Nurture Talent, build on strengths, find new strengths
  2. Create a common language for teamwork
  3. Assists in performance management
  4. Fosters self awareness and awareness of others
  5. Creates opportunity for mentorship
  6. Improves motivation and employee engagement
  7. Develops communication and leadership skills
  8. Reduce Turnover

Many assessments are available: How do I choose the right assessment for my company?

  1. Find an assessment that differentiates introverts and extroverts demonstrating the importance of both.
  2. Meet with managers and employees for feedback prior to the assessment. Explain the benefits and how it would be helpful to get buy in.
  3. Have a forum for discussion. Questions and answers.
  4. Make sure employees know this is for personal development not punitive.
  5. Include all levels of management in the organization to complete the assessments.
  6. Have a roll out plan for how it will be administered and how the data will be used.
  7. Work with the management team to demonstrate how they can communicate and lead employees based on the data.
  8. Train employees regarding the data and how to use the data for self awareness and awareness of others

Note: many employees don’t like the idea of being boxed into a TYPE. The results are insights into preferences and comfortable ways of engaging with their work. People have parts of all of the results, however, we may rely more on some strategies or styles more than others.

Some Example Assessments:

Myers Briggs

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