Reasons Why California Sexual Harassment Training Is A Must

Reasons Why California Sexual Harassment Training Is A Must

Within US, every state has different laws and regulations regarding sexual harassment training. Requirements for California sexual harassment training vary from other states. As a result, it gets highly complicated sometimes, and it may take a while to get the hang of it.

Essentially, employers with five or more personnel in California must provide training. It is of utmost importance to comprehend all the concepts for your business to prevent obnoxious legal fines.

Let’s dig a little deeper and understand all about sexual harassment prevention training in the workplace and how to obey California employment law. 

California Sexual Harassment Training Requirements: A Short Description


All existing, recently recruited supervisory employees ( min. 1 hour ), nonsupervisory employees ( min. 2 hours ), and temporary employees must be abusive conduct prevention training and sexual harassment training and education, as per California law.

Employers are required to refresh the training every two years, and proof of completion of training needs to be kept on record for each employee. California Sexual Harassment Training classes are at least one hour long for sexual harassment training and education and abusive conduct prevention training.

Companies must provide training to their California-based employees, even if they do not share the same workspace or if not all of them reside or work in California. Training is mandatory as long as there are five or more staff members in the company. Within six months of recruitment, all training must be concluded. 

Key Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training 


  1. Promotes Positive Work Culture

Harassment training maintains a workplace culture that recognizes reverence, integrity, and inclusivity. It informs employees about unprofessional demeanor and makes sure that employees have apprehension of the significance of treating their co-workers with respect.

It clears the air around the workplace guidelines on how to maintain the decorum around colleagues, eradicates uncertainty, educates and discusses points of view that employees may not have realized or had access to, and ultimately, raises the worth of all experiences in the workplace. 

  1. Diminishes Legal Matters

Sexual harassment training sessions are a great opportunity for employers to educate employees about their rights and responsibilities concerning hostile work environment law. This gives employees a crystal clear format or blueprint and adjusts their behavior to an acceptable degree. Maintaining a secure workplace falls under the employer’s umbrella of responsibilities, and regular arrangements of these sessions are how it can be done. 

  1. Ensures A Safe Work Environment

The main purpose of conducting harassment training sessions is to avoid the chronic emotional, psychological, and even physical effects on employees that can be caused due to harassment issues. By integrating these training sessions at regular intervals, companies can safeguard their employees from encountering or witnessing such doings and clearly state the definition of an admissible code of conduct in the workplace.

The content of harassment training sessions includes methods and tools required to isolate, report, and highlight harassment more effectively and aptly.

Is It Legal to Train More Than Required?


Of course!

When it comes to California sexual harassment training hours, there is no limit on it, only a minimum number of hours to maintain. According to California state laws, a minimum of one hour for nonsupervisory workers and two hours for supervisory employees must be completed on sexual harassment training.

Both customers and employees can benefit from additional hours of sexual harassment prevention training. It would teach them how to reduce misconduct by enhancing their understanding of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

At Employee Harassment Training, we have professional and descriptive courses on sexual harassment training. Pick up your phone, contact us to arrange California and NYS sexual harassment training, and take an extra step to make your workplace safer.

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