Sexual Harassment Training Curriculum

Sexual Harassment Training Curriculum

Powerpoint Presentation: Our State and Federal sexual harassment training features over 25 color slides detailing all aspects of sexual harassment.  While this could be somewhat boring, we liven it up using case studies, role plays, interaction, critical thinking, discussion and lots of Q&A for employee engagement.  (Available in Spanish, Chinese, Korean & English).

Pre & Post Testing: Details exact level of learning, before and after training… (Spanish, Chinese, Korean & English).

Reproducible Handouts: Extensively explaining both state Harassment, Gender & Bullying laws, along with corresponding Federal laws.

Interactive Lecture & Video Role-Playing: Creating industry-specific examples, increases comprehension, & practical knowledge of both harassment & bullying issues.

Completion Diploma & Employee Acknowledgement Of Training: Documenting attendance, professional diploma signed and dated by the instructor.

EHT No-Charge Two Year Monitoring Program: PowerPoint, designed for updates every four months, reinforcing core material. Dated and signed by attending employee and HR.

Fee: We bill only on fee, which is affordable, and covers all aspects of training and follow-up monitoring.

Employee Compliance & Sign in Sheets: Signed, dated with exact curriculum provided.

Attendance: No limit, we want your company to get as much value for your dollar, as possible.

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Human resources departments are notorious for forcing new hires to sit through hours of boring, exaggerated and poorly produced training videos

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