Wyoming Sexual Harassment Training

Wyoming Sexual Harassment Training

The Wyoming Dept. of Employment Labor Standards Office is charged with the prevention of workplace abuse of its workers. This includes the safety of Wyoming employees and preventing/resolving employment harassment and discrimination problems. The WDELSO office is located in the state capital, Cheyenne, providing another office in the town of Casper. This agency investigates employment harassment and discrimination claims, assists with mediation, and states conclusions, in verdicts in many workplace complaints. This agency has an expansive website providing information on state laws and regulations regarding employee harassment, wage disputes, employment retaliation, and enforces the state’s Prevailing Wage Act.
In determining the legitimate basis of harassment, discrimination complaints, or wage violations under WY state law, it is recommended to check this website for informational requirements. The most pronounced workplace discrimination and harassment issues include:
  • Sexual harassment: Generally unwanted conduct of a sexual nature. Also, suggestive, or lewd comments of a sexual nature, which are unwanted. Both federal and Wyoming laws protect the employee’s rights to have a”zero tolerance” workplace environment.
  • Verbal harassment and discrimination. Sexual harassment is generally sexual in nature, Verbal comments of a lewd sexually suggestive disruptive pattern and discriminatory behavior by fellow office workers can be very mentally debilitating, and is against the law.
  •  In many cases, these overt forms of discrimination/harassment relate to demeaning comments about race, color, gender, religion, disability, or genetic info, which are all against the law, & should not be tolerated.
  • Employer retaliation. Employee’s who file claims for harassment/discriminatory types of behavior often find themselves in an environment permeated by retaliatory behavior. Retaliation in the workplace is also against the law, & should be reported at once. The employee’s schedule & salary history are often targeted by negative behavior, demotions; and nonconforming negative reviews, are all part of retaliatory behavior. This hostile work environment can take a mental,  and physical toll on the reporting employee. It is also illegal, and against the law. If you’ve experienced retaliation, report it immediately to both WDELSO & EEOC offices.
Being a rural expansive state, with older established values, workers may find their rights downplayed when it comes to discussing harassment and discriminatory. These issues are difficult for the employee to discuss, and should never be taken lightly by the employer.  Unfortunately, if discrimination/harassment does persist, it can take a very negative toll for both current and future employees. It’s very important for both the company & employee to stand up for your rights.
If your company needs sexual harassment or harassment training in Wyoming, click here to see Employee Harassment Training’s Wyoming trainers.
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