What Are The Types Of Workplace Harassment? And How Can You Stop Them?

What Are The Types Of Workplace Harassment? And How Can You Stop Them?

Nowadays, cases of workplace harassment are growing rapidly. There are various consequences that the company suffers, like falling shareholder value, a decrease in employee retention, and a lack of labor productivity. Moreover, they must pay a heavy fine of around $125,000 for the settlement. Therefore, it is indispensable to give Dallas, Texas, sexual harassment training to the employees and take care of your employees.

In this blog, we are going to explain to you the types of workplace harassment that you and your staff should know about. We will also discuss ways to resolve it.

Types Of Workplace Harassment You Need To Be Aware Of!

If you care about your staff, mentioning their boundaries is indispensable. In addition, they should know about their rights and ways to take the initiative to address the issue. Scroll down to learn more about it.

1.  Psychological Harassment 

For any employee, it can be formidable to pinpoint psychological harassment. It can be signs like if your boss or colleague is belittling your thoughts, spreading rumors, criticizing, isolating, or challenging everything you say, etc. One needs to address it before it ruins your physical health, social life, and work life, creating a life-long domino effect.

2.  Verbal Harassment 

Do not neglect if your colleagues or anyone in the workplace is rude or persistently unpleasant and mean to you or someone else. It is clear verbal harassment as it escalates beyond the casual eye roll. Also, this kind of issue does not occur in the future, and you need to give sexual harassment training to the employees.

3.  Personal Harassment 

You must say no to offensive jokes, inappropriate comments, personal humiliation, critical remarks, ostracising behaviors, etc. Further, if you notice the constant

off-color joke of other employees, you can also take a stand for them. It can impact the victim, like losing self-confidence, anxiety, etc.

4.  Discriminatory Harassment 

Discriminatory Harassment can be biased in race, age, sexuality, gender, religion, and disability. No matter if the employee is homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or of any race or race and culture. There is no right for any other colleague to make fun of or practical jokes about them.

5.  Power Harassment 

With the help of Dallas, Texas, sexual harassment training, employees need to know about power harassment. It can be depicted as a power disparity between the harasser and the victim. The ordinary sign can be asking for unnecessary work edits, making it incomprehensible to meet deadlines, etc.

6.  Cyber Bullying 

Are you the one who rants about your boss’s behavior on social media? Then you must stop it instantly as it is a sign of cyberbullying. Also, if your colleague is tagging you in disrespected memes, texting, emailing, or maybe sending you humiliating messages, it is surely a case of cyberbullying.

7.  Retaliation Harassment 

When a person finds out that their colleague has filed a complaint against them, and they take revenge on them, it can be called retaliation harassment.

Subsequently, it is the most overlooked type of workplace harassment. If you are willing to keep your business running smoothly, you can call the experts and offer the mandatory Dallas, Texas, sexual harassment training to all employees.

Putting A Stop To Harassment, One Training Session At A Time! 

Employment Harassment Training is the exemplary place to reach out for providing employee online sexual harassment training. Instead of giving the training in boring lectures, we offer it more engagingly. Apart from the harassment training, we offer communication and diversity training. Visit our website to learn more about our sessions.

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