Participate in Effective Employee Online Harassment Courses

Participate in Effective Employee Online Harassment Courses

Participating in effective employee online harassment courses is essential to building and maintaining a safe work culture for all members. Enrolling in these courses is vital to educate employees about all types of immoral behavior at the workplace. In addition to that, the programs help teach employees essential strategies and ways to curb and revert the cases of sexual harassment at the workplace. 

Employee online sexual harassment training is a worthy investment for all businesses. The successful implementation of the training in the organization is the first step to avert sexual harassment. The organization should partner with a reliable and trustworthy training platform to enroll in different training courses. Employment Harassment Training is a dedicated platform helping organizations maintain a positive and healthy work culture with their anti-harassment training and programs. 

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Programs Offered by Employment Harassment Training

They provide Sexual harassment prevention training in different formats like Zoom Training Program, virtual Training Program, On-site Sexual Harassment Training, and Disciplinary Training Course. Explore each of them in detail to determine the best employee online sexual harassment training complimenting your organizational requirements. 

  1. Zoom Training Program

It is one of the Employee online harassment courses formulated to provide training through the online medium. It complies with the 2018 New York State sexual harassment prevention law and New York City Stop sexual harassment in NYC ACT. All the employees participating in the training program will cover the following topics in 1-2 hours in training. 

  • Managers’ mistakes create a hostile work environment.
  • Ways to avoid a negative work culture.
  • Methods to overcome the different discriminations at the workplace.
  • Definition of Quid Pro Quo and aggressive work environment harassment.
  • A basic introduction to the types of immoral behavior.
  • Ways to Quid Pro Quo harassment situations. 

The topics covered in the program keep changing as per the change in anti-harassment laws and training requirements.

  1. Virtual Live Training

It is another training course that trains employees through the online medium. The program covers all topics related to sexual harassment and its preventive measures. Some key points of this training program include engaging Q & A sessions, activities to boost employee engagement, and a round table session about the topics covered through employee online harassment courses. Employees can access the training from any location due to the online medium. 

It is an on-the-go training program designed to keep the employees engaged, educated, and informed in the best possible manner. You can also set up different meetings for different departments and ranks under this program.  

  1. On-Site Sexual Harassment Training 

Employment Harassment Training offers on-site employee online harassment courses for organizations who want to conduct the training at the premises. The skilled trainers will customize the presentation and modules to complement the organization’s business training needs, culture, state laws, and business goals. You can communicate with the trainer your training specifications to get a customized training module.

  1. 1-on-1 Harassment & Disciplinary Diversity Training   

1-on-1 harassment & disciplinary diversity training covers all topics related to harassment and how to develop an inclusive work culture in the organization. The program is intended for managers to understand their duties and obligations to act as quality team members. The topics covered in the program teach managers several methods and strategies to strengthen the organization’s work culture. 

Contact Us for Further Communication

Our Houston Texas sexual harassment training can help you build a harassment-free work culture. You can choose from any of the above programs that match your organizational training requirements. You can contact us to get a customized program for your organization. Reach out to us for further communication.

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