How to Make Sexual Harassment Training in California Effective?

How to Make Sexual Harassment Training in California Effective?

When it comes to sexual harassment training in California for the workplace, most organizations understand the severity of the issue and their legal obligations to provide employees with a safe work environment.

If an organization has both a dress code and a training requirement for employees, the latter is probably more important than the former when handling such an occurrence. Even if there is no dress code, the staff must be trained to maintain social distance when observing demeaning behavior from someone around.

However, implementing a training program on these topics is critical for managers and all staff to know and feel comfortable with what’s expected of them. Ensuring that everyone understands expectations for proper behavior, correct language, and timely responses to complaints is only effective if measured against standards.  

Address Harassment Immediately

Here are some tips for setting up a successful workplace sexual harassment training:

  1. Know before you ask

Before you analyze the potential impact of your sexual harassment training program, interview the senior leadership of your workplace to get a sense of what obstacles occur to employees, what processes the organization has in place, and what obstacles it would like to improve. 

  1. Know before you train

Hiring is a critical part of any corporate strategy, and your training program must include a thorough screening of all candidates to ensure that common mistakes are not made. You can then create content and a training plan that assign specific responsibilities to all new hires.

If indications of lousy behavior are found during the written part of the interview process while hiring, these behaviors should be recorded. They can be used to interrogate the candidate during the interview follow-ups.

  1. Partial implementation will not work

Although training and program evaluation processes can seem long and complicated, the one thing that is most likely to fail is training for one specific trait. It is of utmost importance that an organization provide training to employees of every level, including the supervisory authorities.

  1. Only consider an in-house Option

Making it in-house or hiring an employee specifically to implement training is excellent. But it can be of no use if they have no idea about the company and the culture. The company must get someone from the organization to implement sexual harassment prevention training. 

  1. Make it available online

Online sexual harassment prevention training is a convenient way to get the training without any hassle. The ongoing training schedule can be saved and watched later to gather motivation to speak up against sexual harassment. 

Disgrace such as sexual harassment makes one anxious, depressed and hostile to the environment. Hence, organizations must consider providing sexual harassment training effectively for healthy work culture, including the aforementioned factors.

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