California Harassment Laws (AB 1825, AB2053, SB396 & SB1343)

California Harassment Laws (AB 1825, AB2053, SB396 & SB1343)

Besides the title of management professional, today’s corporate manager in California, has many responsibilities, in preventing harassment/bullying/gender and discrimination in the workplace.

All companies have a moral & legal responsibility to maintain a working environment free from harassment and discrimination. California is certainly on the cutting edge of “zero tolerance” in workplace harassment issues, creating & implementing, AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396 & upcoming SB 1343.

It is crucial that both employees and managers are trained specifically on the relevant policies, of both state & fed laws while understanding the process of implementation. EHT training lays out in specific detail what your company will need to do, to prevent problems & stay out of court.
In addition, to knowing and implementing your companies policies, it is the managers or supervisors legal obligation to report any conduct that specifically violates the law California, Federal laws or company policy, as described in company handbook.– whether the issue is valid or suspected, managers & supervisors need to be trained on how to react accordingly, upholding the “zero-tolerance” workplace philosophy.
A workplace environment that provides a quality diverse environment, while providing the goal of “zero tolerance” in the Sexual Harassment areas, will not only eliminate legal issues but will create greater workplace production. Employees understand that issues of race, ethnicity, religion culture and, gender issues, are quality assets in not only greater happiness at work, but also at home.
If your company needs sexual harassment or harassment training in California, click here to see Employee Harassment Training’s California trainers.
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