Becoming a Sexual Harassment Trainer with Employee Harassment Training

Becoming a Sexual Harassment Trainer with Employee Harassment Training

Do you want to a flexible position presenting sexual harassment

prevention and anti-bully  seminars?


Employee Harassment Training Corp. can help you take a huge step in finding success in your professional training career. We provide engaging and innovative sexual harassment, bullying, and sensitivity training seminars tailored to fit our clients needs. With growing concern about sexual harassment, and more and more states mandating training on the subject, the demand for qualified trainers is higher now than it ever has been. If you are considering becoming one of our exemplary trainers and leading top-notch seminars, there are a few things you should consider.

Do you qualify to become a certified trainer?

In order to provide such high quality seminars to our clients, we are selective about the experience and aptitudes we seek in our trainers. Many of our trainers are attorneys, have masters degrees, or doctorates with a minimum of two years experience with employment law. EHT is also seeking human resource professionals who have experience in building and presenting training materials.

Education professionals with state teaching degrees and experience in Human Resources are also accepted. Corporate trainers with several years experience, ideally in harassment or discrimination training also meet our requirements.

Experience responding to harassment or discrimination complaints, conducting investigations of sexual harassment complaints or advising employers is especially desirable.

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We are looking for certain personality types that make excellent trainers. First and foremost, our providers need to have excellent communication skills. EHT trainers must be able to break down information and concepts clearly and concisely to convey content to trainees in an engaging and interesting manner. Trainers should be very in-tune with social interactions, and be able to draw in and interact with their audience in a meaningful way.

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Our trainers love public speaking. As an ideal Employee Harassment Training trainer, not only are you comfortable and confident with public speaking, you enjoy it! EHT trainers must be comfortable with leading difficult discussions on sensitive issue like sexual harassment and discrimination. Asking delving questions and actively listening to responses will improve trainee engagement resulting in a much more educational and interesting seminar.

Trainers love to learn as well as train! A desire to constantly learn and utilize different learning and training styles leads to a constantly evolving and improving curriculum.

Why become a trainer with Employee Harassment Training?

Do you want to make extra revenue leading seminars Training and seminars to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassmentyou enjoy while helping to stop the pandemic of sexual harassment across the country? Do you want a flexible schedule that fits your personal needs and lifestyle? Do you want to get your name out there and get recognized as an excellent speaker and trainer?

It is our goal to bring success to your training career! We help you get your name out there and noticed by companies on the local, state-wide and national level. Your profile, bio and expertise will be viewable to companies and organizations looking for qualified and engaging trainers just like you! Now is the time to act. With more and more states implementing mandated training for businesses, the market for effective trainers is booming.

Employee Harassment Training will cover the crucial requirements for gaining top-ranked positions, in today’s most popular search engines. This is certainly enhanced by our social media marketing. Active harassment trainers & consultants, topic-specific “keyword phrases” are optimized throughout our blogging materials and are updated constantly.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) Efforts, “Keyword Phrase” and Social Media Research Provides:

  • Proven marketing history with Google, Yahoo, Chrome and Bing and more. These major search engines provide 92% of online traffic. We place a heavy emphasis on Google, & their requirements.
  • EHT utilizes “keyword phrases” that are conducted & formulated for all Harassment Related topic areas.
  • Customers can read your profile and contact you directly.  No middleman.
  • All leads from your State & Local cities are sent directly to you.
  • National leads are included, and forwarded on request to local providers.

We bring clients directly to you!  Create your own rates and flexible work schedule for your lifestyle. Through Employee Harassment Training you will build lasting relationships with clients and get the edge needed to grow your training career.

What are the steps to becoming a Trainer with Employee Harassment Training?

All trainers must be vetted by our professional staff to ensure they meet all company and state requirements. Once a trainer has been approved, they will create a pictured bio describing their experience, specialties, training philosophy, and location that will be viewable to clients. The bio will then be reviewed by staff and approved.

Our marketing is a costly and continual process, but well-worth the effort as every EHT member will benefit. 

For a one time marketing fee of $99.00 and a $24.99 monthly fee, you are part of our powerful marketing team bringing business directly to you.  You may cancel at anytime.

New harassment trainers may draw on our top notch training curriculum materials as well as any personal materials that have been created or previously used to create and build an engaging and captivating seminar. Our curriculum excels beyond the specific state mandated requirements to help employers stay out of litigation.

Now, the ball is in our court!   Well utilize all of our time, effort and resources to get you training seminars in your area and grow your business!

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