Anti-Harassment Training – Overview

Anti-Harassment Training – Overview

Harassment can happen anywhere and the workplace is not an exclusion. Workplace harassment is the one in which someone is targeted by the other employees because of their color, race, religion, sex, nationality, disability, and age.


Harassment at the workplace is very toxic because it can affect the mental health of an individual which can lead to stress, depression, and panic attacks. Harassment is an alarm that your organization needs to maintain a safe environment. 


Therefore to prevent this issue from causing more harm, every organization must provide anti harassment training for employees. This training will help them to understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. 


Some form of workplace harassment include:

  • Insulting your co-workers
  • Passing offensive jokes
  • Showing offensive pictures
  • Mocking other employees
  • Name-calling
  • Physical threats
  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment


During anti-harassment training, the employees must learn that these types of actions hurt other people and this behavior is unacceptable.


The California government sees that it is vital for employees to get anti-harassment training in the workplace. That’s why they introduce the AB 1835 California Law, which states that every organization must conduct anti-harassment training in California


Following are the harassment training requirements as stated by the California government:

  • If a company has a minimum of 50 employees, they have to conduct harassment prevention training for every employee. The employees must undergo this training within six months after getting hired.
  • The training program must be for 2 hours and also include the interaction between everyone. Online anti-harassment training programs are also allowed. 
  • Full-time and Part-time, all the employees are included in the 50 employees requirement.


The organization can also hire an expert team to conduct harassment prevention training programs for their employees. This approach is far better because if the employees are trained by a team who has adequate knowledge about the matter, then it is beneficial for your organization.


The major purpose of harassment prevention training is:

  • Prevention: This training will help the employees to maintain a positive relationship with their co-workers and with the company as well.

  • Safe Environment: With constant training of the employees, your company can create a safe and healthy environment in the workplace where employees work easily.

  • Proper Handling: This training will allow the supervisors and managers to properly handle any harassment cases in the company. 
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