5 Questions Related To CA Online Harassment Training Answered

5 Questions Related To CA Online Harassment Training Answered

Sexual harassment is a punishable offense that creates a hostile and unsafe work culture for all employees of the organization. Any employee who experiences sexual harassment on any digital platform feels threatened and humiliated in the organization. Therefore, many organizations have started encouraging their employees to actively participate in CA online harassment training to develop a safe and positive work culture for all employees.

Before initiating the training, many employees might have specific questions related to anti-harassment training. Here, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions by employees about sexual harassment. 

  1. Why Should I Participate in the Training Program?

Many employees have this question about why they should participate in CA online harassment training. The simple reason to enroll in the program is to become aware of all the terms and different types of harassment they might experience on the business premises. Being unaware of aspects of harassment, the employees may not deal with it properly. However, with proper training on moral and immoral behavior, employees would be able to deal with harassment incidences better.

  1. How Can I Use The Knowledge in the Organization? 

When the employees will learn everything related to harassment through Online sexual harassment training, they will be better equipped with different strategies to cope with the cases of harassment successfully. They can skillfully use the knowledge acquired through training to help the harassed person. Moreover, they also become aware of various legal acts and laws that they can use when the need arises. 

  1. How Can I Ensure That I Know Everything? 

Gaining knowledge is very different from actually implementing it. It may often happen that the employees might not be able to memorize everything they have learned in the meeting. Therefore, they can go through an assessment post-training to ensure that they have learned everything about anti-harassment. 

  1. Only Employees are Eligible for the Training?  

Creating and developing a harassment free-culture is the responsibility of every employee of the organization. Therefore, the participation of each employee working in a different hierarchy is essential. The employer should encourage every member of the organization to participate in Disciplinary sexual harassment counseling and training, contributing to creating a harassment-free organization. 

  1. Is There Any Time Duration for the Training? 

There is no time duration to participate in the training programs. The employees can access the training course from anywhere and at any time. The motive is to train the employees and therefore, the employees can complete the training at their own pace. They do not need to complete all the sections; the employees can go through them as per their schedule. 

Train and Educate Your Employees with Us! 

Participation of every employee in Online sexual harassment training is essential to curb the incidences of sexual harassment at the workplace. If you also want to train your employees, you can reach out to Employment Harassment Training. We offer different training programs to multiple organizations catering to their training needs or demands. For more information, feel free to reach out to us.

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